M-Rated Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Lands on Wii U Next Week

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, a game based on the trials and tribulations of James Rolfe’s popular internet persona, is set to launch on the Wii U eShop next week.

Developed by FreakZone Games, the 2D retro-inspired platformer features the titular protagonist and friends as they progress through 10 levels based on events and running jokes from the original video series. It was first released on Steam back in 2013, with Wii U and 3DS versions announced shortly after its launch. Now, after a long wait, the game is finally making its way to Nintendo’s flagship home console – though the handheld version has yet to be confirmed.

AVGN Adventures is set to release digitally on April 2, priced at $9.99. It also joins the rather small list of Wii U titles currently rated M for Mature, due to its “violence, blood, suggestive themes, nudity, use of alcohol and strong language.”

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