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Hideo Kojima Joins Naughty Dog

Update: Just foolin’! Feel free to share some of your favourite gaming-related April Fools’ jokes in the comments section.

After the shocking news last month that Hideo Kojima was to leave Konami, it appears that the legendary Metal Gear Solid director has found a new home with fellow creatives over at legendary Santa Monica-based studio Naughty Dog.

In an exclusive interview with Power Up Gaming, studio veteran Neil Druckmann said that Kojima’s input was already proving to be invaluable.

Kept you waiting, huh?

“Kojima-san is an asset to the team,” he stated. “He’s already proven his worth by adding information on the Kyoto agreement, and a man who soils himself repeatedly, into Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.”

“As you know, the game has been pushed back to 2016, which will allow us to find a way to incorporate Hideo’s lauded nano-machines into the game, in addition to a womb-bomb mechanic.”

It is also thought that this turn of events will impact upon development of the long-rumoured The Last Of Us 2. Speculation suggests that the game will now be transformed into an open world affair, in which you will play as a child soldier forced to recreate Joel’s journey from the first game by mysterious government forces. Incest may or may not be involved.

When asked how Hideo Kojima was fitting into the American way of life, fellow developer Bruce Straley responded positively, detailing the DVD library Naughty Dog had to build to acclimatise him into the studio: “He seems quite happy here in Santa Monica. As long as he gets to watch a film every day and play with his Lego, he seems pretty content.

“He hasn’t pissed in the ball pool yet, which we can only assume is a good sign.”

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  • DarthDiggler

    Obvious April fools joke.

    • King Eric The second

      it’s real

  • Nonscpo

    How would this have been funny?