Nintendo Direct: Splatoon Release Date and Inkling Amiibo Confirmed

Unique Wii U title Splatoon will be released on May 29, Nintendo confirmed just moments ago.

The company showed off the highly anticipated colourful third-person shooter at its latest Nintendo Direct presentation, with Nintendo of America executive Bill Trinen confirming recent rumours surrounding its launch date.

Furthermore, the title will include amiibo support and launch alongside its own amiibo figurines, which will allow players to unlock special missions and other exclusive content. The Inkling Girl and Inkling Boy amiibo will be available to purchase separately, while the special edition of the game will come complete with an Inkling Squid amiibo. All three will be available to purchase in a single pack.

Splatoon is an online multiplayer-focused four versus four title that has players control adorable creatures named Inklings; who, rather than shoot each other, must paint the arena in their own colours in a territorial battle for victory. Despite its emphasis on team-based competition, it will also feature a single-player campaign mode, which promises to combine puzzle and platforming elements alongside battling enemies.

During today’s presentation, Nintendo also teased Battle Dojo, a one versus one offline game mode that requires players to rack up a high score by popping each other’s balloons. It will render two different views on the GamePad and TV.

Will you be picking up Splatoon? Could it be the Wii U’s saviour? Let us know in the comments section.

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