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Hyperkin's Smart Boy Console April Fools' Joke to Become Reality

Retro manufacturer Hyperkin has confirmed that its April Fools’ Day announcement of a Game Boy-compatible device for smartphones is set to become a reality, following unprecedented consumer demand.

The creator of the all-in-one Retron 5 classic gaming console announced this week that Smart Boy, a peripheral that will effectively transform users’ mobile phones into GameBoy Color consoles, will shortly enter production.

The device, which will initially be compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus (with other smartphones to follow) will feature an eight-way D-pad; two action buttons; a start and select button; and an included battery that can be charged through the phone itself, providing up to five hours of gameplay. It will accept Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges, with the gameplay itself being output through the iPhone 6 Plus’ screen.

In a statement, Hyperkin said: “We ‘leaked’ [Smart Boy] with the initial intent of testing the market, seeing whether or not it should be something we’d actually make, under the guise of an April Fools’ Joke.

“Looks like you awesome folks actually want it, so the Smart Boy is now in development! Thank you all for your enthusiastic responses!”

There is currently no word on a possible release date.

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  • Nonscpo

    OMFG! I get the nostalgia trip that everybody want to take, but just buy a bloody PS VITA or Nintendo 3DS instead. Either would be lighter to carry, look less silly, and will save your phone it’s battery for the day!