Nintendo Disables AVGN Adventures Miiverse Screenshots

Just over a day after the title’s launch on the Wii U eShop, the Miiverse page for Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures has had user-posted screenshots disabled.

Despite creating a community page for the title, which is rated M for Mature due to “violence, blood, suggestive themes, nudity, use of alcohol and strong language”, Nintendo has now banned users from posting in-game images, most likely due to early uploads featuring (cartoon) nudity and profanity.

Many users have been critical of Nintendo’s apparent act of censorship, suggesting that the Miiverse page for AVGN Adventures should be restricted to those players who own the game or are able to prove their age, rather than being outright disabled.

Developed by FreakZone Games, the 2D retro-inspired platformer features the titular protagonist and friends as they progress through 10 levels based on events and running jokes from James Rolfe’s original video series. It was first released on Steam back in 2013.

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