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Twitch Banning Streams of Japanese Beat 'Em Up Senran Kagura: Estival Versus

Online streaming giant Twitch is cracking down on users who live stream recently released PS4 and PS Vita title Senran Kagura: Estival Versus, according to reports.

The Japan-only beat ’em up, which revolves around a group of female ninjas, is said to feature rather raunchy costumes and scenes – but does censor all in-game nudity, and received a CERO D (17 and over) rating in its native country rather than a Z (Adults Only).

After viewers began noticing streams being banned for featuring the game, Reddit user Serg got in contact with Twitch support for an official response. According to company representative Hassan Bokhari, Twitch considers the game to be a ‘type of visual novel that had adult content’, and ‘is not allowed’ to be streamed on its platform.

Opponents to the ban claim that Senran Kagura is a beat ’em up rather than a visual novel, and that it falls in line with the site’s policy regarding nudity and sexual content. The paragraph in question from Twitch’s terms of service states: “Nudity can’t be a core focus or feature of the game in question, modded nudity is disallowed in it’s [sic] entirety, and occurrences in game are okay so long as you do not make them a primary focus of your stream and only spend as much time as needed in the area to progress the game’s story.”

In related news, Japanese gamers have also been reporting being restricted from taking and uploading screenshots from the title via the PS4’s share options.

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  • Nonscpo

    Hooray for hypocrisy! Cause it’s perfectly fine for tweens to watch graphic depiction’s of violence, but the minute a pair of censored boobs show up on screen everybody looses there damn mind! The moral panic in video games needs to end, it only reveals the hypocrisy and double standards of those involved.

    P.S. Senran Kagura Estival Versus is not a Visual Novel

    P.S.S. Not all Visual Novels are pornographic, there are ones that are “All Ages” (13-17), so if that’s the excuse people are making for not trying out the genre, then they are missing out on some great non-pornographic titles:

    -Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

    -Dangan Ronpa

    -Virtue’s Last Reward



    -Chou Dengeki Stryker

    • vanishmantle

      I agree with you 100% on this. I think it is both hypocritical but terrible short sighted. If they are going to be like this then they need to go ahead and get rid of all M rated games on Twitch. Hell Bayonetta is more sexually charged then the Senran Kagura series and it can still be played on twitch…

    • Joey Wheeler

      I totally agree with you, but to be fair those games listed do have their ecchi moments now and then. Also the quote says “Type Of visual novel that had Adult Content” so he seems to be aware that some VN’s have adult content and some don’t. Regardless, the “visual novel” bull crap is just semantics. Watching a few minutes of gameplay guarantees you wouldn’t call this a “visual novel”. This is as beat’em up as it gets.

  • Section8

    America strikes again. You can be as violent as you want but heaven forbid if their’s nudity. Man I can’t stand the us.

  • Fayygo

    But Mortal Kombat, where I can chop someones arms off and throw a spear through their mouths and pull out their innards, is totally okay.

    I love how violence is openly accepted but you show some boobies and the whole world goes crazy.

  • Lumego1

    Yea this is ridiculous. You can stream having sex and killing prostitutes in GTA 5 which is far worse, but you can’t stream Senran Kagura for racy attire and erotic teases. And these gory, violent games get a pass, but the steamy games don’t. And I don’t get the visual novel part, because clearly it’s a beat em up game.

  • jimmy

    ITT: Butthurt weebs.

    • TaliNESS

      No, you’re just a clown, this is an issue that goes beyond anime games dickhead, this is a problem with nudity, partial nudity in games and media. due to how backwards society is.

      According to you anyone who plays JP games = Weebs
      So what the fuck does that make the rest of world outside of America who play US games?
      Because many EU people do….

      You’re a very backwards person.

  • Johannna_L

    Twitch is a shit hole that needs to die out.

  • BlackGirlGamer123

    Wow Twitch, wow.

  • MadMarven

    Pathetic twitch! So its ok to ban censored nudity and not full nudity? Killing and fucking hookers on gta is fine. Topless uncensored breasts during a lap dance is fine. But show a censored anime breast and you go apeshit crazy? Fucking hypocrites!

  • token420

    Let’s see here, twitch controls “who” is a partner and “who” is not, “what” music is OK or not OK to stream, and “which” video games are allowed or not allowed. Keep making friends with salad, Twitch.