Minecraft User Creates Fully Playable Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet

Thanks to a talented Minecraft user, you can now play arcade classic Pac-Man via Mojang’s hit sandbox title.

Creator MrSquishy spent over a year meticulously building the arcade cabinet in-game, which includes full ghost AI, original sound effects, high scores, fuctional side tunnels – and even a wiggly joystick.

The user, who has no prior programming experience, said: “Over a year ago I set myself the challenge of creating a fully functional Pac-Man mini-game in vanilla Minecraft, using the same ghost AI as the original game. After many hours and attempts, I’ve finally managed to create a map that manages to accomplish this, and much more!”

The Pac-Man cabinet is now available to download, or you can watch a virtual tour and demo of the game below:

On the basis of the YouTube video alone, this already looks to be one of our favourite Minecraft creations of all-time. Do you think you know of a better one? Let us know in the comments below.

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