Dreamcast Shooter SLaVE Slated for May Release

A new Sega Dreamcast shooter that promises to be the ‘illegitimate lovechild’ of Robotron 1984 and Doom should be ready for release by the end of May, publisher GOAT Store has today confirmed.

SLaVE, which has been developed by Jay Townsend in collaboration with Isotope, will be the latest in a long line of indie titles to be released for Sega’s final home console, which ceased production in 2001. The game’s initial production line is limited to 400 copies, and is available to order via GOAT Store’s website for $20.84.

The first-person shooter started life as a Doom mod before being shifted over to the Dreamcast, and claims to combine ‘1984’s aesthetic and 1994’s tech to make a game that is uniquely 2014′. Players will experience over 100 arenas of neon-flavoured combat.

In an email sent out to customers who pre-ordered the title, GOAT Store said: “Unfortunately, due to both a pesky bug and a personal situation with one of the programmers, we are ever so slightly delayed in the production of SLaVE.

“The good news is that the game is in final bug test, and if no additional issues arise we expect that the game will be officially sent to production before the end of the month of April. With this schedule, we hope to have the game done and in your hands at the end of May at the latest. If any other production delays happen, we will be sure to update you immediately.”

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