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Bethesda’s Doom: What We Know So Far

The DOOM reboot has finally revealed gameplay to the public, all 3 seconds of it. A short teaser trailer for the game’s full reveal at E3 2015 shows only two things, the fabled Super Shotgun and a friendly Revenant looking to invite you to his slaughtertorium.

After a closed door presentation at last years QuakeCon (which garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from its few select viewers) information has been painfully scarce.Those who were lucky enough to watch the lengthy game-play demonstration reported double jumping, no reloading, breakneck speeds and enough gore to give your grandmother a heart attack. Bethesda is keeping the game under wraps until its first ever conference at this years E3.

But the Doom reboot we are preparing for is not the first attempt to revitalize the classic. Id Software revealed a trailer for the canned original concept recently, which showed off a far less captivating take on Doom. Set after the events of Doom 3, earth is invaded by the forces of hell and a desperate resistance is left to fight for survival. Stop me if you have heard this one before. Id honestly explained that the project didn’t meet their expectations, and that they wanted Doom’s return to be something special for its ravenous fans. While Doom 3 was positively received by critics, fans were disappointed that the speed and chaos of the original had been left behind for a slow-paced survival horror.

Fairly recently, a spanner has been violently shoved into the works. Brutal Doom, a mod created for the original series of game exploded onto the scene. Meaty weapon updates, a new gore system and some serious attitude adjustments brought the classics an aesthetic closer to the one-shot Doom comic (which comes heartily recommended). It felt fresh, exhilarating and clashed dramatically with current game trends. Doom was no longer a fond memory, it was relevant once again.

Id has clearly taken a long hard look at it’s style, and found it fitting to build upon. Taking the enhanced violence, execution mechanics and the dramatic reshuffling of the cards that the mod brought likely breathed new life into the project. Fans pointed at it and said ‘This, this is what we want’. Currently the influence of Brutal Doom is not confirmed, but its not hard to find evidence in the reports from Quake Con.

The new Doom shows off the goals that Id is attempting to achieve. Wolfenstein: The New Order combined the best elements from the classics and mashed it with new conventions, creating a wonderful hybrid of excellent gameplay and solid story telling. Doom is looking to emulate that with its speed and weapon mechanics, but also its ambition.

The promise it shows has so far been word of mouth only, the actual gameplay reveal will decide how close they are to a true continuation to Doom. Join hands Doom fans and pray to Satan; a dream could be about to come true.

Bethesda’s E3 showcase will begin Sunday, June 14th at 7 pm PT.

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