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The Cat Machine: Fiendish Feline Puzzler Announced

English indie developer Cranktrain has announced its upcoming PC puzzle game The Cat Machine, and the concept is every bit as intriguing as the title suggests.

Deep underground there is a machine operated by cats, one that will spell doom for the entire planet if it ever stops working. The player is charged with keeping the machine running by creating different coloured tracks between towers, so the cats can continue to perform their noble task.

Each level starts with at least one train of cats, each of which bears one of many colours. The cat leading the train will turn on to any track that matches its colour, before flying away and letting the following cat take command.

In order to complete the level, the player will need to build a track that uses all of their cats, finishing on the pre-built white track. As levels multiple trains of cats with different colour combinations, this is no simple task.

Cranktrain is also offering a “Cat Enlistment Scheme”, a pre-order bonus that lets early adopters send in a picture of their own cat, who will then feature in the game.

A 15% discount on preorders is currently available on the Cranktrain website. Also, check out the Steam Greenlight for the trailer.

The Cat Machine is scheduled for release in the next few months.

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