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Power Up Gaming Weekly Rundown (Aug 13-19): Fallout 4, Gamescom & Ronda Rousey

In this new video series for Power Up Gaming, The PUG Preview, we talk about some of the new, old, and upcoming articles on the site. We also interview the authors of these articles in order to take a closer look at the content within, and what inspired them.

This week, we interview Scott Russell, author of “Fallout 4 is a Bigger, Better Fallout 3“. Fresh off the plane from Gamescom 2015, host Austin Flynn chats to a near-sober Scott, who offers up his opinions regarding Bethesda’s massively anticipated post-nuclear apocalyptic title. They discuss the aesthetic improvements and gameplay changes that Fallout 4 will feature, and why Scott thinks that the game will receive top marks upon its completion.

Austin and Scott also discuss various other articles, including Austin’s “Top 10 Gaming Girls Who Could Tussle with Ronda Rousey“, and JD Schmidt’s supremely embarrassing playthrough of the Silent Hills P.T.

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