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Rugby League Live 3 UK Release Date & Pricing Info Confirmed

Rugby League Live State of Origin Cover

Following Thursday’s confirmation of Rugby League Live 3’s launch down under, UK publisher Alternative Software has today revealed the release date and pre-order information for the game’s northern hemisphere counterpart.

According to an official email shot, the Big Ant Studios-developed sports sim will make its way onto the store shelves of selected UK retailers on September 17, a week after its Australian release. This will surely come as welcome news to fans of Super League, who had to wait nearly two months for Rugby League Live 2 to reach the UK following its southern hemisphere launch back in 2012.

Pre-orders for Rugby League Live 3 are now open at GAME or through Alternative Software directly, with the current gen versions carrying a RRP of £54.99 (£49.99 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 editions).

Ahead of its release, a number of Facebook fans have been selected by Big Ant to playtest the game this week in New South Wales, Australia.

Rugby League Live 3, which features both the European Super League and Australasian NRL and promises substantial improvements over its predecessors, will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Steam.

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  • Captain Kickarse

    There’s no such thing as ‘Australiasian’ NRL. It’s Australian. Jesus…

    • Chris Mawson

      Thanks for the ‘correction’.
      New Zealand Warriors

      • Captain Kickarse

        The Auckland/NZ Warriors joined the ARL later the NRL, formerly the NSWRL. The NRL is still Australian and not a multinational RL regardless of an NZ team being in the mix.

        • Chris Mawson

          We can argue semantics all day. The NRL is run by the ARLC, just as the Super League is run by the English RFL. The make up of the teams has expanded outside the initial scope of both leagues. It’s not inaccurate to refer to either based on the teams that play in them, considering their official titles are simply “NRL” and “Super League”, not “Australian NRL” and “English Super League”.

          • Captain Kickarse

            Sure, but the NationalRL is not the AustralasianRL. That’s all I’m saying. NRL.