‘Smart Ring’ Motion Sensor Controller Revealed

Titanium Falcon Smart Ring

In an effort to create the ultimate gaming controller, technology developer Titanium Falcon has this week unveiled the Talon; a wireless motion controller that can be worn like a ring.

Using Indiegogo as a platform to fund the device, Titanium hopes that the talon will be ambidextrous in its application, for use with any smart device.


At only 3.8mm in thickness and with an expected asking price of around $100, CEO and founder Guo Juan expects the Talon will change gaming forever:

“Talon will enable gamers to play games instantly at any place and time, free hand, while on the go….Users can play mobile games or control applications even when they are doing other things such as running, cooking, taking the bus and so on.”

The controller will use low energy Bluetooth, noise reduction technology, a nine-axis motion control sensor and an impressive 32-bit CPU all packed into its modest size. Titanium is designing the device with the capability to play a wide variety of games, ranging from shooters, racing and more:

“Currently in order to play motion controlled games, one must purchase both the expensive hardware and software… And it requires a large physical space to support this type of gaming. Mobile gaming currently also has a few shortcomings. Most games make use of an on-screen keyboard/controller to interact with the game. This is not only difficult to handle while holding the mobile device, but also reduces the viewing area. At Titanium Falcon, we want to outsource the controller to a physical motion controlled device so that the users can get the most out of the mobile gaming experience.”

The Talon will also include two action buttons to enable players to have greater control during gaming, and will be competing with a new wave of new wireless touch controllers, including the Oculus Touch, which is developed by the team behind the 3D head-tracking device the Oculus Rift.

The crowdfunding campaign for Titanium Falcon’s effort is set to begin later this month, with an initial monetary goal of $300,000.

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