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Destiny to Take Up 60GB on Xbox One and PS4 after Taken King Update; May Be Inaccessible on Last-Gen

Destiny Taken King

Destiny will soon require a staggering 60GB of free space on Xbox One and PS4, developer Bungie has announced.

An updated system requirements page for the roleplaying first-person shooter confirms that a mandatory 18GB update will release on September 8, ahead of the launch of DLC expansion The Taken King on September 15. Users will be forced to download the update in order to continue playing the game, regardless of whether or not they intend to purchase the new content pack.

Meanwhile, PS3 and Xbox 360 users will have to find 30GB of free space in order to install the game, which may render it inaccessible on older consoles with a reduced storage capacity. Bungie has advised customers who don’t have enough room to install the game to upgrade either their hard drive or console.

The Destiny 2.0 update features a rehauled leveling system, numerous weapon balancing adjustments, and the replacing of Peter Dinklage by Nolan North as the voice of Ghost.

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  • bigevilworldwide1 .

    That isn’t even remotely close to true……I have the Taken king pre-ordered through PSN and its 18.7gb……The only way its even remotely possible would be IF you didn’t already own Destiny, then it might be 60 considering that it comes with Destiny and the 2 expansions…So NO IF you already own Destiny its not 60gb

    • The_Superior_Spider-Mon

      I can see Destiny – post taken king – being around 45 GB to 50 GB. That doesn’t include the two future expansions coming out in the future.

    • Chris Mawson

      The second paragraph confirms the update file itself is 18GB.

  • tplarkin7

    60 GB of androgenous avatars who try really hard to look cool all of the time.