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Opinion: How Big is PS4 Firmware Update 3.0?

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Sony always likes to update its platforms to add on things they either promised or said would be coming soon (still no backwards compatibility though). The small updates add little touches, like update 2.73, which just enhanced the console, making it run smoother. Then there are updates like the upcoming 3.0 (which is codenamed Kenshin. Why? No clue), which Sony says will add a lot. But how much exactly?

The biggest new addition is that online storage for Playstation Plus users will be increased to 10 GB instead of the paltry 1 GB that the PS4 started with. It will also come with a usage meter and an auto-upload menu has been added to the Application Saved Data Management. Owners will also be able to livestream directly to YouTube, which will be viewable on the YouTube mobile app. A new hub will be created for game events, such as official tournaments and double XP weekends. Players will also be able to create communities with a message board (exciting!) and screenshots, and will have the ability to join parties and games from that community. You can also add friends to a Favorite Group, share clips to Twitter (maximum length being 10 seconds) and you can use stickers in chat. Lastly, you will get more information on what your friends are playing, an updated Live From Playstation app, and you can ask a friend if you can watch their gameplay session.

Of all these features there are two that particularly stand out, and that’s the increased storage and livestreaming. Frankly, it was a shame that PS Plus members only got 1 GB of storage and they are only just now expanding the storage capacity after nearly two years on the market. Thankfully, Sony understands the importance of livestreams with the ever growing Twitch scene, so having that as part of the update is great. But videos to Twitter? More details on what your friends are playing? New hubs for special events? These are all additions that could’ve been added with later updates. This whole update is supposed to be the next big thing for the PS4, which confuses me as to why Sony touts it as such.

Is it good that Sony is finally adding these to the PS4? Of course it is. The livestreaming and increased storage are additions that every owner will gladly appreciate. But should this be the big celebrated update that they say it is? Not really. Sony needs to celebrate that when they add monumental features to the PS4, like backwards compatibility, not favorite groups and stickers.

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  • Lukas

    What about online/offline status still nothing? And what about manage our home screen? Custom themes? And what about switch off light bar on controller? what about proper power off? And what about system freezes? Ist 2015 so many promises at live conference etc. Suspend/Resume feature should be at the launch

    • freddy_uk

      their all things that don’t actually matter.

  • jimbo

    What about playing films from a usb on the console?

    • Henrik Langestad

      You can do that, just create a map
      named “Video” and put on a fat32
      usb stick and plug it on.

      Note that all video formats are not
      supported, try your way out and see
      what works. Avi and mp4 works for

  • cd

    i prefer the HD remasters over emulated backwards compatibility myself i didnt really play many ps3 games so i missed out on a lot of them and wouldnt mind getting HD remasters of ps2 games and remasters of ps3 games since i didnt play many ps3 games i pretty much skipped the 7th gen i was still enjoying my ps2 lol! and playing games on my pc, now for those who invested on the ps3 in the 7th gen and have a bunch of ps3 games and want to upgrade to the ps4 i understand, but as for me just about all the ps3 games are new to me so i wouldnt mind remasters with more content, cant wait till final fantasy XII international HD remaster to come out for ps4!!!

  • cd

    i would like sony to tweak the ui a little and make it to where you can organize games and apps into folders, that would be cool and sony needs to update that media player it pretty much doesnt do anything for me atm, and adding cd ripping to hard drive so i can listen to my own music are some of my most requested features that i hope sony adds in the future, but the events and communities in this update is cool, it can allow me to meet new ppl and find ppl who like and play the same games as i do such as ff14 which is an mmo and maybe find ppl who play on the same server as me and play together as well as finding out whats going on in the game with the events even if im not on are good features, sony is improving the software, slowly but surely!!