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Pokemon Z Rumours Intensify with the Leaking of New Formes for Zygarde

Pages from the latest edition of Japanese comic CoroCoro have today been leaked online, revealing some details about the upcoming Pokemon X, Y & Z anime series, and lending more weight behind Pokémon Z being the next instalment in the franchise.

One of the reveals involves a special Greninja, which is known as “Ash Greninja” because its colour variation makes it look almost like it’s dressed like Ash.

More importantly, however, is the reveal of brand-new formes for Zygarde, giving him a total of five formes, which, along with the newly-named 50 Percent form he takes up presently, include Cell, Core, 10 Percent and Perfect.


Zygarde’s Cell forme is such a simple creature that it isn’t able to use a single move, while the Core forme is a collection of multiple Cell forms that become self aware. The 10 Percent forme is a dog-like creature that can reach speeds of 60 mph and the Perfect forme is said to be stronger than both Xerneas to Yveltal, and only appears when the ecosystem is in danger.

While there has been no official announcement from Nintendo regarding a new Pokemon game, there’s almost no doubting many will be waiting with bated breath for the announcement of Pokemon Z.

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