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WWE 2K16 Receives New PS3 and Xbox 360 Screens: Stone Cold, The Undertaker & More Showcased

WWE 2K16 Cover

WWE 2K16 has today received a selection of new screenshots, showcasing the last-gen version of the game.

While the PS4 and Xbox One iterations of WWE 2K16 have received a ton of new information this week, the wrestling sim will also release simultaneously on PS3 and Xbox 360. Publisher 2K Games has been a little cautious with regards to revealing what fans can expect from the title on last-gen consoles, given that it won’t use the new engine introduced to the series last year exclusively in WWE 2K15’s current-gen release.

Although many fans have expressed their disappointment over a game they see as essentially being reduced to a re-skinned WWE 2K14, the screenshots released today, featuring superstars such as The Undertaker, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, Cesaro, Roman Reigns and more, certainly seem to boast graphical enhancements over previous years.


WWE2K16LastGen06 WWE2K16LastGen05 WWE2K16LastGen04 WWE2K16LastGen03 WWE2K16LastGen02

WWE 2K16 will release on October 27 across current and last-gen consoles.

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  • Ali Nasir Wayne

    same old crap, but m glad the white shiny lines over wrestlers have been removed, the graphics are back to like they were in wwe 12 and thats a good thing for me. 13 and 2k14 featured too shiny wrestlers

  • Ali Nasir Wayne

    does bret hart have the same rat face?? reigns face looks an improvement