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TGS 2015: Monster Hunter X Gives us Playable Cats

Cat lovers unite! Capcom announced the introduction of playable cats or “felynes” in the newest trailer for Monster Hunter X “Cross” at the 2015 Tokyo Game Show.

While felynes(now called Nyanter) aren’t new to MH, this will be the first time players can create and play as the furry fighters. In the last installment, Monster Hunter 4, two cats could accompany a hunter in the single player mode and even drive tanks.

Specialized Nyanter attacks such as a boomerang(more powerful than the ones created by humans) and a digging ability sets them apart from hunters in Monster Hunter X and will give series veterans something other than the typical weapon or monster release to look forward to.

Nyanters will also be weaker than humans but be balanced with more defensive abilities such as the aforementioned burrowing according to a separate Capcom video. Players who choose to get their paws dirty and create a Nyanter will also be able to join forces with human hunters, which diversifies party composition and opens up more options to players.

The trailer also showcased new weapon abilities and a few familiar and fresh monsters to take on.

Monster Hunter X will release Novemeber 28 in Japan and has yet to receive a Western release date. However, if Monster Hunters 3 and 4 are any indication, the Western release will likely offer extra content from the Japan release and sport a different name.

Felynes have been part of the series since the flagship PS2 title, Monster Hunter, but appeared as enemies and NPCs until becoming allies in the PSP title, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

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