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Noct: Multiplayer Survival Horror Title Receives Gameplay Trailer Scored by NIN and GnR Guitarist

Top-down survival horror title Noct has today received an official gameplay trailer from publisher Devolver Digital, with Nine Inch Nails and Guns N’ Roses guitarist Robin Finck providing the wonderfully eerie background music.

The shooter, developed by independent studio C3SK following a $36,000 CAD Kickstarter, blends arcade combat with RPG survival elements, and allows users to either play co-operatively or betray their friends in the post-apocalyptic wasteland that the earth has become. The set-up is that an ancient evil, known as Nocturnal, devoured the world’s population and left the survivors of the purge in disarray. The world is seen through a thermal image satellite system high above the planet.

On Noct’s official Steam page, creator Chris Eskins commented on the title’s upcoming launch:

“Just in time for Halloween we will be rolling Noct out. It has been roughly one year now since the first prototype of Noct was publicly released after the successful Kickstarter.

I am happy to announce that the incredibly talented Robin Finck of Nine Inch Nails has joined us on this perilous quest to help bring our weird thermal world of nopes to life. Together Wordclock and Robin Finck are creating some extremely creepy dark ambient tones for your ear holes.”

Noct is scheduled to release on Steam on October 22 for PC, Mac and Linux. Finck has contributed to the game’s full soundtrack in conjunction with composer Wordclock, with the first track, ‘ACAS’, now available for free on Soundcloud.

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