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TGS 2015: Power Up Gaming Weekly Rundown (Sep. 19) | KH 2.8, SFV & FFXV

TGS 2015 brought us a load of exciting news. We’re talking Final Fantasy XV, Street Fighter V, Monster Hunter X and Kingdom Hearts 2.8(whatever that is). So, the writers at PUG took it upon themselves to keep the news going and the creative juices flowing.

Aussie writer Hayden Waugh joins us on this week’s episode to talk about how successful of a transition Mad Max had from the big screen to our flat screens, and we preview everything from an upcoming review of newly released Steam game Charge Shot to a possible Last of Us 2 confirmation by Naughty Dog.

To quench your thirst for more PUG content, hit up our YouTube channel for a slew of videos some of which are the elusive, gameplay clips of Rugby League Live 3 or PUG’s very own “lie to your friends” free-for-all, Trivial Gamers. Also, feel free to drop us a line on our Twitter @PowerUpGamingUK, and we’ll be sure to give you a shout out on the next episode. Cheers!

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