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Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture Developer “Very, Very Interested” In Developing for PlayStation VR

The Chinese Room, the British developer behind PS4 exclusive Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, is “very, very interested” in developing for PlayStation VR, according to a recent interview with Power Up Gaming.

The studio’s creative director Dan Pinchbeck confirmed that the company are keeping a close eye on the tech, along with a possible tease that they may use Sony’s peripheral for a new title.

Although he was hesitant to establish The Chinese Room as a pioneer of virtual reality gaming, he showed genuine interest in developing a game for PlayStation VR in the future:

“We’re a pretty small team so we can’t be solving VR solutions. I think there are quite a lot of VR things that need solving before you’d get a game like Rapture – or the scale of Rapture – onto VR. But as a type of game, absolutely, and we’re very very interested. We’re keeping a very close eye on it.”

When asked if a sequel to Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture would find its way onto PlayStation VR, Pinchbeck responded jokingly, by saying: “Everybody’s Still at the Rapture.”

At the Tokyo Game Show last week, Andrew House told Bloomberg Business that Sony’s virtual reality platform, formerly known as Project Morpheus, would be releasing in 2016 along with as many as ten launch titles.

Our full interview with The Chinese Room will be posted later in the week.

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