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WWE 2K16: Devs Comment on Lack of ‘Highlight Reel’ Replay Editor, Inaccurate Divas Attire

WWE2K16 Finn Balor

While upcoming pro wrestling sim WWE 2K16 will include a number of returning features to the series, the popular Highlight Reel replay editor will not be among them, developer 2K Games has confirmed.

After a recent Instagram video posted by the official WWE2KDev showed off superstar Daniel Bryan from a variety of camera angles, fans on the official 2K forums speculated that the return of the video editing tool was imminent. According to senior producer Mark Little, however, this will not be the case:

“That it was not the Highlight Reel. That was a development tool we use to review aspects of the game. We know many of the fans want a Highlight Reel or Replay Camera system to return and it is on our list of features ideas/requests for coming titles.”

Meanwhile, in a separate thread, fellow 2K Games employee and WWE 2K’s community manager, Bryan Vore, responded to fan criticism over some of the inaccurate attires featured in WWE 2K16. Many female wrestlers present in the game appear to have unnaturally large shorts, leading users to criticise their ‘diaper-like’ appearance, and accusing 2K of needless censorship. In reply, Vore said:

“We submit the models looking as close to real life as possible to the WWE for approval. We are obligated to follow feedback/requests for changes from the WWE. The shorts are one thing that we are consistently asked to adjust. We continue to strive to deliver the most authentic experience possible and continue to work with the WWE to make that a reality for the fans. We make sure the WWE hears your feedback as well where it can help.”

WWE 2K16 is scheduled to release on October 27 across current and last-gen consoles.

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  • IrnBruGuru

    WWE logic: let the divas wear next to nothing in the ring on TV on a family show… Just not in a video game which is for 16+… All I have to do is go on wwe network and watch attitude era and onwards for 10 years to see how much of a perv Vince was in the day so censoring trunks in a game in case you see a bit of butt cheek isnt gonna change the past Vinnie Mac lol