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Rockstar Working on ‘Asymmetrical Co-operative Stealth’ Title

Rockstar is currently working on a game that incorporates elements of ‘asymmetrical cooperative stealth’, according to a recent job listing.

Rockstar Toronto – the subsidiary of the studio which has been primarily responsible in recent years for porting Rockstar’s titles to other consoles – also created beat ’em up game The Warriors back in 2005. According to the recently-posted vacancy, it is hiring a gameplay designer who is experienced in ‘weapon design and destructible environments’ and working with both single and multiplayer-based sandbox environments.

Their ideal candidate ‘will have deep experience working with physics-based, procedural animation technology’ in video games.

Will this project be a brand-new IP – perhaps even the long-awaited Agent – or simply the porting of an existing Rockstar title? Maybe it could even have something to do with GTA Online? Let the speculation begin in the comments below.

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