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Rare Unveils Cancelled ‘Gettin’ Medieval’ Conker Project

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Rare has revealed a number of details regarding an unfinished Conker project; Conker: Gettin’ Medieval.

In the latest of a series of behind the scenes videos, Conker’s Bad Fur Day’s project lead Chris Seavor discusses the unfinished entry into the foul mouth squirrel’s saga, explaining that it would have been heavily focused on multiplayer. He describes the project as “completely online”, with “a bunch of levels that chained and you could come in with your mates and fight other people”.

Surprisingly, Conker himself wouldn’t be the main character, Chris explains: “Death was going to be the main character… Now Conker would have a guest appearance, but really it wasn’t about him; it was the world of Conker.”

The video also contains a number of unused character concept art, all of which highlights why children should avoid the series at all costs.

Conker has been sadly absent for a few years now (excluding a forgettable cameo in Project Spark). Xbox One owners, however, can relive the glory days in the Rare Replay collection, which includes 30 classic titles.

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