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P.T.-Inspired Horror Game Visage Hits Steam Greenlight

Visage, the latest in what is seemingly a long line of P.T.-inspired horror titles, has today entered Steam Greenlight.

The game’s developer, SadSquare Studio, has unveiled an alpha gameplay trailer to accompany the announcement – and it is as gloriously creepy as you’d expect.

As you can see above, Visage certainly pays a lot of homage to the Hideo Kojima game it’s taken inspiration from – even having players wake up in a bathtub. Thankfully, you don’t have to endure a Samuel Elliot-voiced fetus this time (as far as we know). Instead, darkness, uncertainty and helplessness come back to make players quake in their boots; there is an unknown enemy and the ultimate goal is to escape the house. Already, there is an interesting premise and possible story, as the description states that “history is never forgotten”.

The alpha gameplay trailer shows a much larger playing area than that found in P.T., with an entire house to wet yourself in this time around. It’s an attack on your aural as well as your visual senses, as a static radio, a realistic FMV on the television and very loud sound effects all come into play very quickly.

Clocking in on at less than five minutes in total, the alpha gameplay trailer shows one thing: Visage is absolutely aching to scare, and coming right around during the scariest month of the year, horror fans are doubtlessly already excited for its eventual release.

For more information, check out the developer’s official website or follow Visage on Steam Greenlight.

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