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Total War: Warhammer Will Not Feature Mod Support

Total War Warhammer

Information regarding Creative Assembly’s upcoming Total War: Warhammer strategy game has been scarce, but some recently discovered comments have made it seem unlikely that the title will feature mod support of any kind.

Several months ago, the then community coordinator Will Overgard responded to fan questions about modding on the official Total War forum:

“As this isn’t just a CA game, regretfully there are no plans to support modding for Total War: Warhammer. An Assembly Kit will be available very shortly for Total War: Atilla however, and we will continue to support modding for that title and plan to for future historical Total Wars.”

The decision to remove one of the most beloved features of Total War will likely be extremely controversial, however it’s worth noting that this information was originally revealed before the latest release, Attila, had finished development, and therefore may be subject to change.

The community has been quick to condemn the decision, but blame has been directed towards Games Workshop, the owner of the Warhammer IP. This is thought to be one of many overprotective moves to prevent tampering with the licence. Games Workshop is notorious for threatening legal action against anyone they believe are infringing on their property, even going as far as to claim ownership on the term ‘space marine’.

It is unlikely that modding will be stripped from CA’s independent creations, as previous entries into the Total War series have strong modding support with release of development kits and more.

Other information discovered hints that naval combat will not take place in real time, with battle outcomes resolved automatically, and that family trees will not be included within the full release.

Total War: Warhammer is scheduled to release in 2016 for PC. For more information, check out our interview with Creative Assembly’s Rich Aldridge.

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