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Sega: Alien Isolation 2 ‘Not out of the Question’

Alien Isolation

A sequel to Alien: Isolation is ‘not out of the question’ but nor is it a high priority, according to a recent Sega interview.

Jurgen Post, COO of Sega Europe, told that the company were disappointed with the sales performance of the Creative Assembly-developed first game, which has sold 2.1 million copies to date. “I think the genre just didn’t shine with an audience that would let us break out,” Post admitted.

Despite that, Sega felt “really happy” at the end of development after “sweat[ing] blood” for the game. When questioned on a possible sequel, Post remained cautious while still giving fans of the survival title a glimmer of hope for the future:

“Alien: Isolation 2 is not out of the question, because we’re so proud of it and there’s possibly more to be said. But do we really want to be spending very significant amounts of money, and getting close to break-even or just about in the black? That’s not where Sega wants to be, when we have a brilliant portfolio of other games that do great business.”

Alien: Isolation received mixed to positive reviews upon its release a year ago this week.

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  • Jackie Boy

    As if SEGA has anything else going for them.

  • Yurnmbronefan

    This game is spectacular and deserves more appreciation in the West. Despite how masterfully it was put together, I think the pacing of the story was a bit off. I loved it, but people got a slow start and then all of a sudden an intense difficulty shift. The basement Survivor mode may have been better suited as an innitial tutorial before you actually started the game. Honestly though, I think I stuck with it cause I was expecting the artificial intelligence to have a ton of depth which needed to be learned. No game is perfect, but Creative Assembly totally delivered something unique in a sea of mindless shooters and overpowered explosion hogs. The single biggest mistake may have been in sinking so much money into it with the grande story campaign instead of first showcasing and highlighting the games brilliant simplicity first with the survivor and salvage mode DLC. It was just way too overly ambitious and I think the games core strength became burried.

    Honestly, the Alien’s a.i. is an absolute breath of fresh air in gaming as far as I’m concerned.

    • FUGOP

      Agreed here. The game has an amazing graphics engine that set the mood for the space station. The alien is scary as all get out, and you get interesting tasks to do in the game. Hope to see a sequel for this as it kicks the crap out of Aliens Colonial Marines. However, two things they need to do better. One is not make it so long; as I felt for a horror game it went on too long frankly, hard to maintain the intensity. Two, make Ripley stronger in the sequel. After going through all that nonsense, she should be getting much tougher as Ellen Ripley became from Alien to Aliens. Oh and fix the alien algorithm as I felt this was broken half the time as the alien would just pop up in front of you, even if you are kneeling and creeping along slowly.

  • TheDeathStarsKeyFob

    Shame….it was a great game with great graphics and an immersive story; a real treat when gamers are surrounded by crappy on line shooters today!