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Splatoon Update 2.2.0 Met With Positive Player Reactions

Splatoon. The game that made seafood puns cool. October 20, 2015 marked the latest update to the 4v4 shooter, including changes to weapon stats and the online modes. Perhaps most notable in the weapons department, many of the blasters, rollers, and Kraken have been downgraded to a certain degree. As for Ranked battles, a solid portion of the changes refer to the charging of the Special gauge and the way S and S+ rank points are won and lost.

The majority of players applaud Nintendo for its ongoing effort to balance and improve the game. Aromaiden on Nintendo Life said of the developers: “They really listen and fixed so many issues that the fans were complaining about.” Another user, Ghostchamp7, posted on Kotaku: “Nintendo just fixed everything wrong with Splatoon” in regards to weakening certain weapons.

Octolings remain unplayable through normal gameplay.
Octolings remain unplayable through normal gameplay.

Additionally, for those who are unaware or wondering about the appearance of Octolings as playable characters: a certain Octoling using a Hydra Splatling is causing save data problems for other players, forcing them to restart from the very beginning and erasing all their hard work. It is highly recommended to perform a data backup, and to not leave the battle room if this Octoling is encountered. The crash occurs when Splatoon attempts to load this character into Inkopolis.

Finally, there is currently no update or patch that allows players to “legitimately” play as an Octoling. For the time being, Inklings are the only option.

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