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DiscStorm Heading to Vita Early Next Year with Online Component

DiscStorm will be arriving on PlayStation Vita sometime after Christmas.

That is, at least, according to the developers. In an exclusive interview with Power Up Gaming, XMPT Games stated that they are aiming for a Q1 release next year. The studio revealed that they had originally intended to release DiscStorm on PS Vita exclusively. When they signed up with their publisher, Mastertronic, however, the team found that Steam was also an option.

The original plan was to launch both simultaneously. Yet the team cited online troubles as throwing a wrench in the works. This, coupled with Steam’s far less laborious certification process, meant that a phased release made the most sense. In the name of avoiding the Christmas rush, XMPT games elected to hold off on releasing the Vita version until after the holiday season.

As of yet, DiscStorm multiplayer only supports local play. We can expect to see this remedied around the Q1 Vita release, which, as XMPT confirmed, will most definitely launch with online support.

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Additionally, the team alluded to plans for releasing DiscStorm elsewhere, though they could not comment on where else we might see the title.

DiscStorm is a retro-inspired arena combat game, packed with gorgeous pixel art. It released on Steam in late August to generally favourable reviews. You can find out more about DiscStorm via our exclusive interview with the XMPT crew.

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