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Sequel to Survival-Horror Game Outlast Coming Next Year

Outlast II

The sequel to Red Barrels’ 2013 horror game is indeed real, and will be arriving next fall.

Speculation began yesterday after the developer tweeted out an image hinting at an imminent announcement:

That announcement turned out to be Outlast 2, which was shown for the first time earlier in a teaser trailer revealed on Red Barrels’ YouTube page – though very little is known of what the game will be about. The trailer shows a close-up of a burning cross and slowly zooms out as we hear voice-over of a passionate religious nature. The trailer ends with the cross upside-down as it becomes the “t” in “Outlast,” and a simple “Fall 2016.”

In an interview with IGN, the studio’s founder Philippe Morin elaborated on the nature of the game, in that mechanics such as the night-vision camera will return. He went on to say that Outlast 2 will “make gamers suffer,” and “test [their] faith”. Just like its predecessor, Outlast II will release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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