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Halo 5: Guardians Gives Halo Series its Biggest Launch to Date

According to a post on Xbox Wire, Halo 5: Guardians has officially received the title of “biggest Halo launch” ever, as well as the fastest-selling Xbox One exclusive. The announcement boasts global games and hardware sales of over $400 million.  The sales figure presented dwarfs Halo 4’s first week reported sales of $300 million.

Other figures shared within the post include 21 million hours of gameplay, 12 million of which were in the game’s campaign, “330,000 unique streams on the evening of the broadcast,” 5.5 million views since launch, and $5 billion lifetime sales for the Halo franchise.

Although the financial figures don’t specify a breakdown concerning game versus hardware sales, perhaps Halo 5 will give Microsoft a much-desired bump in console sales. The Xbox One continues to sell well with around 15-17 million units shipped, but according to recent reports, Sony has shipped nearly twice as many PS4 units closing in on 30 million.

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