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Fallout 4 Street Date Broken

The highly anticipated Fallout 4 is scheduled to be released next week but a number of gamers in Germany have reported that certain retailers are already selling Bethesda’s blockbuster.

Numerous redditors claim that retailers such as Saturn, GameStop (Germany) and Media Markt are already selling the title on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One, some even taking photos of their purchases such as Reddit user TijuanaFlow who uploaded his/her image here. Additional reports of various locations around the world from places such as the Middle East have also claimed that Fallout 4 is already available to the public.

Due to the sheer quantity of retail copies produced for most games, street dates being broken for major releases is a regular occurrence so it comes as little surprise that Fallout 4 is seemingly available to purchase in certain stores over five days before release.

Excited for Fallout 4? Stay tuned to Power Up Gaming for a full review of the game coming soon.

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  • Bencr

    Open the flood gates!!!!! Just let us have it already!

  • AnnihilationGamingTM

    And this how the ending got already leaked! These pissant, little “nothing” stores.

    • Barabeirebaiboutye

      Yes three of the largest international retail stores in electronics and multimedia in the world. Pissant little stores. Belelelellelelee. You understand that Bethesda will levy massive fines against the retailers in accordance with the contracts they sign for breaching street dates?

  • Alex Dahl

    Early release? Or no chance of that before Tuesday?

  • punknaught

    And already on twitch.