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WWE 2K16 Receives Massive Patch


2K Games has today released an extensive and wide-ranging patch for WWE 2K16, following reports of a number of glitches and technical issues encountered by users since the title’s release on October 27.

Patch 1.02, available for PS4 immediately and Xbox One later today, promises to fix many of the problems that have plagued the pro wrestling sim, from general gameplay bugs to online stability issues and a number of 2K Showcase and MyCareer defects.

Alongside more serious issues, a number of hilarious glitches have also been patched, including “an issue where character hair and announce tables stopped displaying after a number of consecutive online matches”, “a random buzzer noise that would play during the pre-match against the AI when matchmaking for a 6-Man Elimination Chamber match”, and “an issue where Superstars wearing an alternate attire were invisible during victory scenes”. That being said, none of those were likely as funny as the infamous ‘Invisible Undertaker’ day one glitch:

The update also paves the way for the New Moves Pack DLC, whose timing 2K confirmed it will have news on ‘soon’. Users who do not have the expansion installed will still be able to participate in online matches with those who do, according to the company.

The full patch notes for update 1.02, which weighs in at 1.434 GB on PS4 (and expected to be a similar size on XB1), can be found here.

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