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Button Remapping Now Available for Xbox One Controllers

In an announcement posted today, Microsoft reports that players can now remap button configurations for both the standard and Elite Xbox One controllers.

There are three ways to access the feature:

  1. Settings ⇒ Kinect & Devices ⇒ Devices & Accessories
  2. Settings ⇒ Ease of Access ⇒ Button Mapping
  3. Launch Xbox Accessories app

The post also indicates that there are different options for the different controllers. For the standard controller, Xbox users can swap buttons. For example, the ‘Y’ button can be mapped to the ‘A’ button and this will subsequently map the ‘A’ button to the ‘Y’ button. This can be done for any button on the controller including left and right joystick “clicks” (pressing in on the joysticks) and each direction on the d-pad. For the standard controller, the changes are saved to the current profile on the console. If the user takes the controller to another console, the user will need to remap the buttons once again. Microsoft indicates PC support will be added “at a later time.”

For the Elite controller, Microsoft reports, “the only required buttons that need to be mapped somewhere on the controller are A and B.” They also state that multiple buttons and paddles can be mapped to a single button press. For the Elite controller, these settings are stored directly on the controller itself allowing users to keep the changes for multiple consoles and even PCs.

This is another feature of which Xbox fans have been requesting for a long time. It looks like Microsoft is continuing to implement desired changes into the Xbox One console with updates.

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