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Final Fantasy Month: Three Twitch Broadcasters to Marathon Stream Over 35 Games Each

December 1 is an important date. For many, it marks the true beginning of the holiday season. But for a growing number of people, December 1 heralds the beginning of a much anticipated event: Final Fantasy Month.

For the third year running, Twitch streamers Crumps2, SevenS1ns, and Cereth will be taking part in a massive undertaking: To play through the huge catalogue of Final Fantasy games throughout the holidays. Crumps2 described it best when he told me, “Basically, we go through all of the main Final Fantasy games — and we use the term “main” pretty loosely —  we play through all of the main numbered Final Fantasy games that everyone knows, VI and VII and so on. And essentially, we are all going to do our own casual playthroughs of them, as well as a selection of sub-genre or spinoff Final Fantasy games as well. Each of us is playing at least 30 games, and we call it ‘Final Fantasy Month’ but it’s more like ‘Final Fantasy Two Months to a Quarter of a Year.'”

Crumps2 also wants to set the record straight regarding whether or not FF Month is a race between the three players. “It’s not a race, even though it’s easy to misinterpret it as such. Even though we can, none of us are going to speedrun any of the games this year. It’s all just legitimate casual playthroughs.”

Each of the three streamers will be bringing unique content to their respective marathon streams. Outside of the main games, Crumps2 will be playing the Final Fantasy Legend games as well as Theatrhythm; SevenS1ns will be adding a few extra FF Tactics titles as well as tackling most of the series’ superbosses; Cereth will also work his way through one of the greatest games of all time, Chrono Trigger.

FF Month

When asked which game each of the guys is looking forward to playing the most, the answers were varied. For Crumps2, it’s the Episode Duscae demo of FFXV. “I haven’t played it yet, and know nothing of the battle system, or what it plays like. [I am excited] to form my own first impression of it.”

SevenS1ns, who is participating in FF Month for the first time this year, can’t wait to play FFXII. “It has some really diverse gameplay, and the open world concept — well, almost open world — is really cool. The job system is really unique as well. I’m also looking forward to FFVII, because I have a strong attachment to the characters and storyline, thanks to growing up with the game. It’s a big part of who I am today.”

Cereth, who participated in last year’s FF Month as well, has a a few different things he’s looking forward to: “Probably Crisis Core. I really enjoyed it last year and haven’t played it since. FFX-2 Last Mission too, I haven’t played it…the gameplay looks absolutely awful but I love the X games so I’m looking forward to it”

Final Fantasy Month has grown over the past three years into a massive event watched by thousands. After following along with last year’s marathon, FF Month has become the holiday tradition that I didn’t know that I needed in my life, but one that will be celebrated by myself and others for, hopefully, years to come.

All the information about FF Month can be found on the official site, including a full list of games that each streamer will be playing. Each of the broadcasters also has a donation support page set up with rewards for reaching donation goals. You can donate to Crumps2 here, SevenS1ns here, and Cereth here.

Final Fantasy Month begins on December 1, and we’ll be doing our best to live tweet important events and progress from each stream, so follow us on Twitter @PowerUpGamingUK.

Make sure to follow Crumps2, SevenS1ns, and Cereth on Twitch so that you can stay up to date with their progress throughout the marathon. You can also click here to view all three channels simultaneously.

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