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Corrin Of Fire Emblem Fates Will Be Joining the Super Smash Bros. Roster

Nintendo have today confirmed that Corrin will be one of the final characters to round out the Super Smash Bros. roster for Wii U and 3DS.

In a so ominously named “Final Video Presentation”, Nintendo have committed themselves to revealing the final combatants of the hit arena brawler’s already expansive cast. The Fire Emblem: Fates character’s reveal made up the spectacle’s very first announcement. True to the series from which he hails, Corrin will be available in both male and female form. A detailed breakdown of the fighter’s abilities revealed that players will be dealing out Smash justice via a balance of bite attacks, flying traversal and one bad ass, gleaming red sword. You can check out the full trailer below;

Corrin will be making his or her way over to the Super Smash Bros. roster by way of paid DLC in Febuary 2016. The character will come complete with a selection of exclusive tracks, trophies and virtual statues for all your perusal-related needs. You can expect to pay $4.99 to get your hands on all of this content on Wii U or 3Ds. Those looking to purchase Corrin on both systems will be able to do so for just a dollar more, at $5.99.

Corrin’s announcement comes hot on the heels of the reveal that Cloud, of Final Fantasy fame, will also be stylishly making his way over to the latest incarnation of Nintendo’s beloved franchise.

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