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Best Buy Sells Prank Video Game Boxes

An image has been posted online showing that retail chain Best Buy has begun selling empty video game cases for games that don’t actually exist. Without any context, it may seem as if the stores are officially trying to cheat customers out of their money but, in fact, it’s a way for evil parents to prank their children with the fake game boxes as gifts. The idea is to put the real gift inside the game case and hopefully get their childrens’ reactions on camera to paste all over the Internet.

See, honey? Billy loves it, just like I said he would!
“See, honey? Billy loves it, just like I said he would!”

This is only one of hundreds of ways to screw with your kids’ minds. Switch the name tags and the presents. Wrap up the biggest box you can find and put tube socks inside. No need to wait another year – the desire to be insidious is reason enough.

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