Okami’s Amaterasu Immortalised as Collectible Statue

Amaterasu, the wolf heroine goddess of Okami, is coming to market as a 1/4 scale figure by First 4 Figures. Measuring at 12 inches high and 17.5 long, this statue is huge compared to other collectible figures. It features Ammy’s Divine Retribution reflector weapon and Issun, the pint-sized poncle, riding on top.

The intricate detail of the ground under Ammy's feet comes straight from the flowers that bloom in her wake as she runs.

There are two versions of the statue. One comes with LED lights in the reflector, the other without. They cost $385 and $350 respectively, so think very carefully before buying. Pre-orders are open now and only a limited number of figures will be made. First 4 Figures will be releasing a series of Okami-themed statues in addition to this one, with other characters to be revealed at a later date.

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