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League of Legends – Fantasy LCS Preseason Rankings


Here we are folks, the fantasy LCS season is upon us, and with it comes a chance to dominate your friends and crush them like tiny paper cups on a weekly basis.

If you’re new to Fantasy LCS the basic premise is that you join or start a league, then hold a draft where everyone in the league takes turns at selecting people from the LCS rosters of players from the EU and US (this differs based on your geographical location). Then, each week you go head to head against another member of the league, set your line up from players currently on your team, and how they perform on The Rift correlates to fantasy points. The person with the most points in your head to head wins that weeks matchup, then ultimately the player with the most wins throughout the season wins the league. There’s a superb how to play guide from Riot located here.

The 2016 Spring Split is shaping up to be an exciting one with plenty of familiar faces on unfamiliar teams, some of whom have even crossed the Atlantic to join their new organisation. Below are my rankings based upon what we’ve seen from players over the last year; or for some of the more established veterans, their body of work overall, and is merely a prediction of how I believe they rank coming in to the season.

I’ll be posting weekly rankings prior to the games so I’d recommend checking the latest rankings prior to setting your lineup each week.

The older hands among us will notice some memorable names in the mix now with both Crumbzz and Alex Ich returning on Renegades as well as Froggen making a comeback playing for 3 time NBA champion Rick Fox’s new team; aptly named Team Fox. Also for some reason ZionSpartan renamed himself Darshan.

I know that some of you are screaming looking at the top lane rankings already asking how I can have Huni so low. Sadly, it’s all about reliability. When Huni’s good, he’s very good and will net you a literal ton of fantasy points; but when he’s bad, you’ll rue the day you drafted him. He’s a serious boom or bust player, but is almost guaranteed to go in the first couple of rounds of your draft, so if you want him, don’t wait for him in the later rounds as it just won’t happen.

You may also have spotted that Bunny FuFu is totally omitted from the Support rankings, that’s because right now both Bunny and Hai are listed as the support for Cloud 9. Until we know how the workload is going to be split between them it’s impossible to try and predict which one is going to have the better fantasy year. Once the season is under way and there’s clarity around the timeshare you can expect one of them to feature as a top play most weeks. My advice right now would be if you’re drafting a support, look elsewhere. Alternatively if you really are clamouring for the C9 support, handcuff them and draft both.

You can play fantasy LCS at Full team rosters for NA can be found here, and EU’s are here.

Rank Player Team
1 Hauntzer TSM
2 Vizicsacsi UOL
3 Cabochard VIT
4 Balls C9
5 Kikis G2
6 Huni IMT
7 Darshan CLG
8 Soaz OG
9 Odoamne H2K
10 Freddy122 ROC
11 Impact NRG
12 Gamsu FNC
13 RF Legendary REN
14 Steve EL
Rank Player Team
1 DiamondProx UOL
2 Reignover IMT
3 Svenskeren TSM
4 Xmithie CLG
5 Amazing OG
6 Rush C9
7 IWillDominate TL
8 Jankos H2K
9 Crumbzz REN
10 Trashy SPL
11 Shook VIT
12 Gilius EL
13 Spirit FNC
14 Hard FOXC
Rank Player Team
1 Bjergson TSM
2 Febiven FNC
3 Alex Ich REN
4 Fenix TL
5 Pobelter IMT
6 PowerOfEvil OG
7 Froggen FOX
8 Shiphtur DIG
9 Fox UOL
10 Ryu H2k
11 Nukeduck VIT
12 Jensen C9
13 Huhi CLG
14 Sencux SPL


Rank Player Team
1 Rekkles Fnatic
2 Piglet TL
3 Sneaky C9
4 Doublelift TSM
5 Wildturtle IMT
6 Altec NRG
7 Emperor G2
8 Hjarnan VIT
9 Mrrallez EL
10 Apollo DIG
11 Steelback UOL
12 Keith FOX
13 Stixxay CLG
14 Zven OG
Rank Player Team
1 Aphromoo CLG
2 Edward ROC
3 Smoothie TL
4 Yellowstar TSM
5 Kasing VIT
6 Kiwikid DIG
7 Hylissang UOL
8 Adian IMT
9 Mithy OG
10 Godfred GIA
11 Remi REN
12 Noxiak FNC
13 Gate TIP
14 Sprattel EL
Rank Player Position Team
1 Bjergson Mid TSM
2 Febiven Mid FNC
3 Rekkles ADC Fnatic
4 Piglet ADC TL
5 Alex Ich Mid REN
6 DiamondProx Jung UOL
7 Sneaky ADC C9
8 Hauntzer Top TSM
9 Fenix Mid TL
10 Reignover Jung IMT
11 Cabochard Top VIT
12 Svenskeren Jung TSM
13 Doublelift ADC TSM
14 Balls Top C9
15 Wildturtle ADC IMT
16 Pobelter Mid IMT
17 PowerOfEvil Mid OG
18 Huni Top IMT
19 Froggen Mid FOX
20 Aphromoo Sup CLG
21 Altec ADC NRG
22 Edward Sup ROC
23 Smoothie Sup TL
24 Darshan Top CLG
25 Yellowstar Sup TSM
26 Amazing Jung OG
27 Emperor ADC G2
28 Soaz Top OG
29 Rush Jung C9
30 Kasing Sup VIT


Rank Team
4 TL
9 G2
10 REN
11 DIG
12 NRG
13 FOX
14 GIA

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