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The PUGcast: The Best Games of 2015

What’s that sound?

Wait… is it? It is! It’s the PUGcast!

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome back to the PUGcast! We’ve returned in 2016, and we’re in full swing to provide you with commentary and audible shenanigans on all things video games.

Our first PUGcast for the new year is a two-parter. First, your hosts JD, Scott, and Jamaal cover some of the biggest games of 2015, diving deep into titles such as Evolve, Grim Fandango Remastered, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Halo 5. And beware, Scott also spoils Star Wars Episode VII in a big way, for no other reason than, well, he can. Listen to Part One below, or click here to download it.

In Part Two, Scott and Jamaal cuddle together for an intimate chat about two of the most highly acclaimed games of last year. If you’ve followed our staff GOTY articles, you’ll probably be able to guess which ones; if not, you’ll just have to listen and see! Download Part Two here.

Also, be sure to tune in at the beginning of February as we take on a new PUGcast schedule comin’ right for your ears every other Tuesday.

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