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Hyrule Legends Video Shows Fairy Customisation


The latest gameplay video for 3DS game Hyrule Warriors Legends demonstrates Toon Link and Tetra in an Adventure mode map (starting at 5:30 in the video above). Players will be able to switch characters during scenarios by tapping their icon on the touch screen. The video shows Toon Link passing control over to Tetra as a timer counts down.

At 9:02, the video shifts gears to show off the customisation of fairies. Fairies can accompany the player in Adventure Mode and help them out in battle using their magic. Players raise their fairies’ stats by giving them food and clothing items, and also by using them in battle and levelling them up (Pokemon, anyone?). They can also rent skills from other players’ fairies for one day.

This had better become a thing in future titles.
Will the real Navi please “Hey! Listen!”

Hyrule Warriors Legends hits shelves March 25 and brings several new features to the spinoff. Now all that’s needed are some Pokemon outfits for those fairies.

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