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The PUGcast Podcast: The Chronicles of Yarnia

This week, the PUGcast is short a member, due to Jamaal being overly committed to his relationship’s ten-year anniversary. But, Justin, JD, and Scott are as dedicated as ever to bring you another epic podcast.

Without Jamaal to control Scott’s ramblings, things occasionally get out of control. But, as always, we begin by rating the news. This week, LEGO Star Wars Episode VII, the upcoming live action/animated Sonic the Hedgehog movie, Kanye West’s new game, and Quantum Break are all up for discussion. Spoiler alert, JD wins the news race again.

After the news, we introduce a new segment where Scott reads some “fan mail”, and then we chat about the games we’re currently playing. First off is Justin with Firewatch. He converses about the great script and voice acting, and the underwhelming conclusion. Then JD convinces Scott to play Unravel, one of the prettiest games he’s ever seen. Finally, Scott shows his empathy, or lack thereof, in This War of Mine.

Extra tidbits include a much too long interlude featuring the Game Boy Color version of NBA Jam, collard greens, and an in-depth analysis of Ryan Reynolds’ junk in Deadpool. Click here to download the episode, or listen to it below.

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