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Video Game Theme Park to be Built in Dubai

Square Enix, Electronic Arts, Capcom, and Konami are among a number of game developers working with company Meraas to open a game-themed amusement park called Hub Zero in Dubai’s City Walk this summer.

Hub Zero will purportedly be an indoor park consisting of 18 attractions over a 15,000 square meter area, which translates to about 49,000 feet, just under 10 miles. It will also be the world’s first indoor video game theme park, and is to feature an area dedicated to e-sports, complete with spectators.

I'll have the Power Pellet meal and a large Inky.
I’ll have the Power Pellet meal and a large Inky.

It seems like only yesterday the games industry began to wonder how it could integrate into daily life as completely as television and books have done. Now, we wake up one morning and find Hollywood and Disneyland moving over to make room. Video games are quickly changing our very quality of life, and this newest arrival only further reinforces what fans have known forever: it’s a good time to be a gamer.

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