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Rumour: Luigi’s Mansion 3 Launching with NX?

Back when the Nintendo GameCube hit shelves in 2001, Luigi had the honour of starring in the console’s launch title, Luigi’s Mansion. Fast forward to the 3DS, and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon saw Mario’s younger brother exploring several haunted locales rather than just one. Now, here we are in 2016, and writer Geno from Dual Pixels has supposedly leaked a statement from developers about a third Luigi’s Mansion game to usher in the NX system.

The apparent goal of the new, rumoured title is to give it a “‘living 3D cartoon movie’ look with insanely detailed shadows and transparencies.” The full quote can be read on Dual Pixels’ news page. Despite some sloppy grammar that may call into question the legitimacy of the quote, a Luigi’s Mansion game coming to NX is entirely plausible considering that the series’ fan base remains dedicated.

Would you play a new Luigi’s Mansion game? Do you think this is the right kind of title to launch with the mysterious Nintendo NX system? Let us know in the comments!

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  • William Votta

    This makes all the sense in the world to me. What better 1st party title featuring one of the Bros. to best use a tablet controller that going can take anywhere and still use to play (which I assume is the main point of the new system, that and a fully touch screen faceplate with no bevel for the screen like on the Wii U). I’m sure this tablet controller will also sport a camera possibly a 3d one like the 3ds. And I’m sure the NX is meant to further augmented reality gaming, again Luigi’s Mansion is a perfect title for that. Unlike Zelda Wii U lol