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Gameplay Footage of Star Fox Guard Revealed

With Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard a little over a week away, several gameplay and analysis videos have already populated the Internet. While Zero is a known reboot with a number of modifications from Star Fox 64, Guard is an entirely different game that comes packaged with Zero. It’s a tower defence game through-and-through utilising twelve laser-firing cameras as turrets. Check out the preliminary gameplay below.

Due to the manual nature of controlling the cameras, this would have been a fantastic opportunity for a co-op tower defence experience where players can buddy up and take over two cameras at once. Unfortunately, Nintendo and Platinum missed the boat on that one. Even so, having to fire your guns yourself adds a certain feeling of mayhem beyond watching automated defences wipe out enemies while the player just watches.

Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard will take flight on April 21, 2016.

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