See the Latest Trailer for the New Pokémon Movie

The next up-and-coming Pokémon movie, featuring Volcanion and Magearna, has aired another trailer on Japan’s Oha Suta TV show. It’s a short trailer and reveals a typical Pokémon movie plot – the heroes encounter a new mythical Pokémon, a random bad guy appears and tries to abduct it, chaos ensues, the heroes stop him with the help of a few other random characters.

Certain interesting plot points do arise from the trailer, however. First, as was already hinted by previous reveals, Magearna and Volcanion seem to be friends. Also, Zygarde’s complete form appears for just a moment towards the end of the video, suggesting the legendary dragon may also play a part. Finally, Volcanion can apparently talk, and Magearna seems not to.

Volcanion and the Ingenious Magearna is set for July 16 in Japan.

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