Third Borderlands Game Imminent, Gearbox Confirms

This week at PAX East, fans of 2K’s Borderlands were elated to hear that there will in fact be a third instalment of the cell-shaded first-person shooter.  As reported by, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford confirmed that development will happen for the game, but a working title has not yet been decided.

“It’s no secret”, Pitchford explains.  “Obviously, there’s going to be another Borderlands.  We don’t know if we’re going to call it that.  We could call it Borderlands 4 for all we know.”

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, released in October of 2014, was the third game donning the Borderlands title, taking place before the events of Borderlands 2, which was released in September of 2012.  This may explain why giving the game a title isn’t as easy as simply calling it Borderlands 3. 

Borderlands 2 was highly acclaimed worldwide, receiving high ratings on Metacritic and Game Informer, and was also nominated for Game of the Year by IGN in 2012.  As of August of last year, the game has sold over 13 million copies. It remains 2K’s highest-selling title to date.

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