Practicing Glitchcraft: Star Fox Adventures

It took forever to arrive, but Star Fox Zero is finally upon us. For that reason, this Practicing Glitchcraft is all about the young McCloud, specifically in Star Fox Adventures for the GameCube. A graphically impressive game that, like any other, can be utterly broken under the right conditions.

Fox returns to Thorntail Hollow only to find reality slowly being erased by the color gray. He falls out of bounds and emerges to find the horrifying glitch takeover complete. It gets worse, for he soon discovers that he can no longer interact with what used to be the rest of the world. He runs through the area, desperate to find something that makes sense, but to no avail. He is forever doomed to wander as the sole logical entity in a world reduced to nearly nothing.

The poster of this video, who is allegedly a certain adventurous bear’s lifelong partner, has plenty more to show us, mostly getting to certain areas early and skipping certain sequences. But just in case that’s not enough, here’s another video with some other ridiculous happenings.

It’s nearly twenty minutes long and most of the glitches shown are AI-related. First, another texture and collision glitch in Thorntail Hollow, followed by Fox screwing around with General Scales’ walnut-sized brain. It moves on to show an animation hiccup with a Cloudrunner’s head, then a whole series of AI mistakes in which Tricky gets stuck on just about everything and unable to move. It all ends with a Hylian fire keese coming through a wall to attack Fox.

Star Fox Adventures may not be everyone’s favorite game in the series, but after watching these glitches, it’s hard not to want to go back to the game and see just how badly we can destroy it. And always use bombs wisely!

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