Pokémon Sun and Moon – Starter Pokémon Announced

The new starter Pokémon for Pokémon Sun and Moon have been revealed today in a trailer on the official Pokémon YouTube channel:

The three starter Pokémon subscribe to the standard Pokémon formula, consisting of a Grass, Fire and Water type. The Grass type Rowlet is an owl, making his secondary Flying type an interesting addition. The other two Pokémon are Litten and Popplio, who are Fire and Water type respectively. Neither of these have a secondary type in their pre-evolved state, but we’ll no doubt learn more about their evolutions in due course.

Two legendary Pokémon were also shown off in the trailer, but remain unnamed for the time being. The mascot for Pokémon Sun is a majestic-looking lion, and the mascot for Pokémon Moon looks like a bat.

Pokémon Sun and Moon have also been revealed to take place in a new region, as is typical with a new generation. These seventh-generation titles will take place in Aloha, which appears to be a tropical locale based on the likes of Hawaii.

With a release date of November the 18th also being revealed at the end of the video, Pokémon fans will not have to wait too long before getting their hands on these titles. Stay tuned to Power Up Gaming for more information as it arrives.

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