Podcast 1

The PUGCast Podcast: Dark Souls III MegaCast

Want to know everything about the past week in gaming? You’re in luck! Adam, Scott, Jamaal and Justin have your ass covered.

Part One of the MegaCast begins with an almost-angry Scott, Adam discloses a very Naughty Easter Egg in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, we then move onto a discussion on the absolute debacle that is Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (this opinion is totally objective). Onto more high-brow topics, we talk on the representation of World War One in DICE’s recently revealed WWI game. It gets quite emotional and empassioned. Rounding out the news, Jamaal gets a 4/10 for bringing bad times to the cast. Emails are read, as usual. Be warned, they are of the raunchy variety. Listen to part one right here, or click to download it.

In Part Two, have a talk about Dark Souls III, Dark Souls III and yes, you guessed it, some more Dark Souls III. Enjoy the pain along with us.

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  • IdiotPodcastersAreIdiots

    36 seconds in and I kept listening to it. “Your mother.” Ha ha ha. That was a funny joke. Great work!